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Mural Design Technology - JEDAR

Mural Design Technology (JEDAR) is a Bahraini company that is determined to bring beautiful, luxurious and colorful walls to the Middle East.


We use the state of the art Zeescape wall technology to print high-resolution, high quality images for your home, office, school or factory.



We are not limited by material, size or color. It prints any image directly onto a surface; no messy paints, or stick-on decals and wallpapers.


We are an authorized distributer for the Middle East from Zeescape-Australia in the following areas:

  • GCC (Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar & Oman)
  • Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran & Egypt.


Also we have the right to:


  • Sell and appoint sub-distributers, licensees, and franchisees
  • Distribution and maintenance of the products
  • Supply spare parts, inks and other related tools and equipment's


There are many different ways to enhance the interior of your home or business space, or decoration your playroom with kids’ wall murals or custom wall decals, and take interior design to whole new level with JEDAR.



At JEDAR, we offer our clients an innovative interior design alternative and our professional JEDAR team can help you make a lasting impression quickly and efficiently or reflecting your imagination for a truly unique finish that can transform any space in an instant.

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