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Have you ever thought…?

Here at BDB, We faced the same Thing!

Have you ever thought of starting your own business, but you’re not sure what to do first? Do you have a business idea, but you’re not sure if it’ll fly! Have you ever tried to start a business, but realized that you need mentorship and coaching to guide you through obstacles and challenges? Do you need training to boost your business skills?

Here at BDB we faced the exact same thing! We also worked with so many entrepreneurs who all faced the same challenges during the course of their businesses. BDB has been supporting Bahraini companies for more than 10 years, yet our services did not cover all the areas related to business creation. Successful companies don’t only require capital, but a lot of other stuff such as a strong business team, wide business networks and a good, robust product/service.

We realized then that we need to change the way we help our entrepreneurs. Our support programs need to be comprehensive covering all stages of a business. Effective support is also dependent on trust and long term relationships. Finally, we realized that our entrepreneurs are not our “clients”, but our “partners” where we journey along in partnership towards creating a successful, profitable business.

We’re now happy to announce that we finally came up with a solution…. Rowad!

What is Rowad

Rowad is a newly developed, comprehensive program designed to assist entrepreneurs in creating their businesses from the initial stages of conceptualizing their ideas to scaling up and expanding. Whether you run an already established business or you just have an idea, apply to Rowad and let us assist you in accelerating your success

The program starts with an initial introductory meeting where you’ll get introduced to all the services available at BDB and where you can determine if Rowad is the right program for you. Once you make the decision to enroll to Rowad, you’ll be assessed through an evaluation committee where you’ll get a customized “ROWAD MAP” with the necessary step and support you need in order to become a successful business

ROWAD was created by Bahrain Development Bank, derived from the latest models in entrepreneurship and structured according to the needs of the Bahraini market. Rowad’s support schemes include: incubation, training, coaching, mentorships and equity finance. In addition, our advisors can link you to other support schemes and networks available in Bahrain which can assist you in running your business

Rowad Support

  • Idea consultation and Assessment of Business Plan

  • Training in Business Skills

  • Coaching from CMI Certified Coaches

  • Mentorship from Industry Experts and Serial Entrepreneurs

  • Incubation Space

  • Equity investment

  • Debt Finance

    • Low interest loans (Islamic and conditional options) – Loan Amount from BD 3,000+

    • BDB & Tamkeen Finance – Amount from BD 5,000+

    • ICT Finance Scheme – Loans for Operation Automation and Efficiency Improvement

    • Letters of Credit & Letters of Guarantee

Who Should Apply?

Any entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur residing in Bahrain can apply. Whether you just have a business idea, expanding your business or facing distress, Rowad is there to help!

How Can You Apply?

The Rowad Process – Process flow for Beneficiary

The Rowad Process Flow - Internal