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About Us



The Bahrain Business Incubator Centre (BBIC) was established in 2003 as the first mixed-use incubation center in the G.C.C. The Center’s mission since its establishment is to support the growth and sustainability of small and medium enterprises (SME’s) in Bahrain. The BBIC is achieving this mission by providing governmentally approved physical spaces for business to start and grow, receiving tailored facilities and services designed to increase the success rate and sustainability of our tenants. 

Bahrain Development Bank (BDB), the leading SME funding of the Kingdom of Bahrain, established the BBIC as a means to aid in the economic development of the country, through providing a full scope incubation program, to aid the growth of startup businesses. The BBIC remains a fully owned and pioneering subsidiary of the BDB, which is expanding and growing in a sustainable manner.

Our growth was possible through the support of all our affiliates, both nationally and internationally. The support we have received through our government, from support institutions such as Tamkeen, has enabled us to progress and accelerate the growth of our tenants along with our organization. The BBIC has graduated over 100+ businesses into the market successfully, since its inception and is looking to graduate a lot more in the coming years.


Our Mission

Our mission is to  facilitate the establishment and growth of start-up business in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Our Vision

Our vision is to encourage the expansion of an enterprising, entreprenureal, and innovative culture in the Kingdom of Bahrain.



Incubation offers a safe haven for businesses to establish themselves and begin their operations. Budding entrepreneurs are allowed to setup shop and begin to apply their business ideas in a supportive environment. The incubator staff make sure every business need of the client is met. Through the expertise of the staff, honed by best practice, the tenant is given one of the best starts to their business venture, through the tailored facilities and guidance that the BBIC has to offer.

The following is a list of services and facilities that are on offer to our start-up tenants:

• Flexible and low-cost light manufacturing and office spaces. 

• Flexible short-term leases, which includes business advisory services.

• A supportive entrepreneurial environment.

• Willing and cooperative administrative staff.

• Networking services through the established business network of BDB group.

• Advertisement space on the BBIC website.

• Internet access.

• Photocopying and faxing services.

• Telephone answering services.

• 24/7 secured access to the building and sites.

• On-site parking for tenants and their clients.

• Fully equipped boardroom/meeting room facilities.

• Fully equipped seminar and conference rooms with access for up to 60 people. 

• A showcase to display products in the center.

• Central area reception.

If you would like to pursue the opportunity to start-up your business in a supportive entrepreneurial environment, please apply today.

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In addition to our incubation spaces, the BBIC offers the following retail spaces:


• 350 square meter subsidized production facilities

• Subsidized office spaces ranging in size from 70 to 110 square meters.


Unlike our incubation programs, the retail spaces are rented out through yearly renewable contracts; allowing the tenant to invest and stay on premise for as long as they wish.


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